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REALTOR Benefits® Program At-a-Glance Brochure

2022 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers - Highlights

2022 RELOCATE 2 Metro Detroit Guide

2023 RELOCATE 2 Metro-Detroit Guide Ad Pricing

2024 RELOCATE 2 Metro Detroit Advertising Opportunity

5 Reasons to Get a Realtor® Infographic

Advertising Guidelines

Certificate of Occupancy List

Cloud CMA

Commercial Board of Realtors Alliance - Request more information

Commercial Realtors - CBOR/CPIX Partnership

CPIX Alliance Participation Agreement Application

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Resources

Form Change Request

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

GMAR District Layout

How to Upload Documents to Transaction Desk

LARA Licensing FAQ

Lead Base Paint Reference Guide

Michigan Realtors® Buyer's Acknowledgement & Release Form

NAR Membership Marks Manual

National Flood Insurance Program Resources

Office Depot Benefit Overview

Preparing Your Contacts for Flexmls (Matrix)

Preparing Your Contacts for Flexmls (Paragon)

REALTOR® Logos and Trademark Rules

Showingtime: How to Merge a Listing

Update in Case of Burnett v. NAR et al

Working with Clients

Appraisal Resources

Appraiser License Requirements

Appraiser Member Benefits

Guide to Understanding a Residential Appraisal

UAD Quick Reference Guide

Uniform Appraisal Dataset Definitions

Broker Resources

7 Items Every Independent Contractor Agreement Should Have

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Resources

Designated REALTOR Lockbox Role

Electronic Lockbox Sub-Lease Agreement

GMAR Lockbox Tracking Log

Guide to Interpleading Earnest Money Deposits

Guidelines for Personal Assistants

LARA Licensing FAQ

Lockbox Designee Release Authorization Form

Michigan Realtors® Buyer's Acknowledgement & Release Form

Office Change Form

Property Disclosures Pocket Guide

REALTOR® Logos and Trademark Rules

Strategic Partner Sponsorship Levels

Unlicensed Real Estate Assistants

Consumer Resources

179 Ways REALTORS® Are Worth Every Penny

2022 NAR Member Profile

2022 RELOCATE 2 Metro Detroit Guide

2023 RELOCATE 2 Metro Detroit Guide

Facts About Mold

GMAR First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account Program Overview

Homeowners Pest Guides

Michigan Independent Living Guide for Seniors Resource Guide

NAR 2022 Homebuyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report

NAR 2022 Snapshot of Race and Home Buying in America

National Flood Insurance Program Resources

REALTORS® Relief Foundation Application for Disaster Relief Assistance

What is a REALTOR®?

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

Bank Consumer Assistance Policies

Freddie Mac Single Family Seller / Servicer Guide

GMAR Member Services FAQs

MDHHS Coronavirus News and Resources

Michigan Eviction Diversion Program

Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund - by MSHDA

Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund - More Information

Michigan Paycheck Protection Program

Michigan Realtors COVID-19 Addendum to Purchase Agreement

Michigan Realtors® Analysis of the New DHHS Gathering and Face Mask Order (03.11.21)

Michigan Realtors® COVID-19 Updates

Michigan Realtors® Summary of Requirements for Offices

Michigan UIA Unemployment Benefits Claim Guide

NAR Coronavirus Guidance for REALTORS®

NAR Coronavirus: Resources for Employers

NAR Coronavirus: Resources for Property Owners

NAR Guidance for Fair Housing Compliance

NAR Official COVID-19 Website

NAR Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Flowchart

NAR Protect your Credit

Official HUD Coronavirus Website

Paycheck Protection Program FAQs for Small Businesses

Protect Your Investment: A Guide for At Risk Homeowners

PSI Test Taking Update Statement

Realcomp COVID-19 FAQs

Register of Deeds Offices Status

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act: What You Need to Know

The Greater Realtors® Foundation Benevolent Funds Program

The HUD New Cares Act

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to COVID-19 Relief Funding

Education Resources

08.22-24.23 Jack Waller NCI Continuing Ed Flyer

08.22.23 Broker Shorts Flyer

08.24.23 GMAR ConEd Flyer

08.29.23 That's Legal Isn't It Flyer

09.06-07.23 NAR Marketing Strategy & Lead Gen. Flyer

09.11.23 GMAR Standard ConEd Flyer

09.12-14.23 ABR Flyer

09.20.23 GMAR ConEd Flyer

Continuing Education Requirement for Renewal

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Resources

Zoom Guide

Event Resources

09.26.23 Financing Int'l Transactions Flyer

2024 GRF Flower Sale

COVID-19 Event Safety Protocol Infographic

Event Sponsorship One-Sheet

Global Real Estate Resources

2021 International Residential Real Estate Study

2022 International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate Report

Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends

Going Global? Understand These Gestures

Real Estate Practices Around the World

Why Earn the CIPS Designation

2020 Michigan International Business Report

International Referral Form

GMAR Bylaws & Policies

Brand Guidelines

Committee Principal Standards and Guidelines

Distance Learning Policy

February 2024 - GMAR Bylaw Changes

GMAR Bylaws

GMAR District Maps & List of Zip Codes

GMAR MememberMax™ Terms & Agreements


1.12.24 - GMAR MLS Tips and Tricks

2.27.24 - Greater Tips

GMAR MLS Canceled (Unconditional Withdraw) Form

GMAR MLS: Exempt Listing Office Exclusive

GMAR MLS: Listing Change Sheet

GMAR MLS: Listing Release Form

GMAR MLS: Office Admin and Personal Assistant Application

MLS Rules and Regulations

ShowingTime SMS Opt In

Win for VA Borrowers

Government Affairs Resources

Fair Housing Resource

Housing Statistics

NAR 2023 Q1 Local Detroit Market Report

Realcomp 2021 Annual Housing Report

Realcomp 2021 Market Watch Q4

Realcomp 2022 Annual Housing Report

Realcomp 2022 Market Watch Q4

Realcomp 2023 Market Watch Q2

Realcomp April 2021 Statistics

Realcomp April 2022 Statistics

Realcomp April 2023 Statistics

Realcomp August 2021 Statistics

Realcomp August 2023 Statistics

Realcomp December 2021 Statistics

Realcomp December 2022 Statistics

Realcomp February 2021 Statistics

Realcomp February 2022 Statistics

Realcomp February 2023 Statistics

Realcomp January 2021 Statistics

Realcomp January 2022 Statistics

Realcomp January 2023 Statistics

Realcomp July 2021 Statistics

Realcomp July 2023 Statistics

Realcomp June 2021 Statistics

Realcomp June 2022 Statistics

Realcomp June 2023 Statistics

Realcomp March 2021 Statistics

Realcomp March 2022 Statistics

Realcomp March 2023 Statistics

Realcomp May 2021 Statistics

Realcomp May 2022 Statistics

Realcomp May 2023 Statistics

Realcomp November 2021 Statistics

Realcomp November 2022 Statistics

Realcomp November 2023 Statistics

Realcomp October 2021 Statistics

Realcomp October 2022 Statistics

Realcomp September 2021 Statistics

Realcomp September 2023 Statistics

Legal Resources

Copyright Best Practices

Michigan REALTORS® Legal Hotline

National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS)

Procuring Cause

Procuring Cause Factors

RESPA A Guide to Complying

RESPA Dos and Donts

Magazine Archive

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine April 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine August 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine August 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine December 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine December 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine February 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine February 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine February 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine January 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine January 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine January 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine July 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine July 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine July 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine June 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine June 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine June 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine March 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine March 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine March 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine May 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine May 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine May 2023

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine November 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine November 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine October 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine October 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine September 2021

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine September 2022

Metropolitan Realtor® Magazine September 2023

Rate Card - Metropolitan REALTOR® Magazine

Professionalism Resources

32 Guidelines of Procuring Cause

Arbitration Guidelines

Before You File an Ethics Complaint

Code of Ethics 2023

E1 Ethics Complaint Form

Form A-1 Request and Agreement to Arbitrate

Form A-1 Request and Agreement to Arbitrate Interboard

General Instructions and Information for Filing and Replying to Complaints

Interpretations of the Code of Ethics

Mediation Package

NAR Code of Ethics Infographic

Request for Mediation Form

Realtor Insurance

Drug Card America (NAR)

Errors and Omissions Coverage (Michigan Realtors®)

Insurance (Michigan Realtors®)

REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace (NAR)

RPR Resources

Realtors® Property Resource

Realtors® Property Resource Blog