Sentrilock Electronic Lockboxes

Sntrilock Electronic Lockboxes

Free to all GMAR MLS members at no additional cost!

SentriLock electronic lockboxes and access to the SentriKey app will be provided at no additional cost to GMAR MLS members. We want to provide you with some additional information to help answer any questions you may have.

SentriLock Lockbox Assignments

Lockboxes will be assigned to the Designated broker, who must complete a Sublease Agreement.

SentriLock Lockbox Distribution

We will distribute lockboxes based on the current number of active and pending listings.

How to Obtain your SentriLock Lockbox

Designated REALTORS® (principal broker) may either pick up these boxes, assign a designee to pick these boxes up on behalf of your office, or arrange to have the SentriLock electronic lockboxes dropped off at your office with advance request.

SentriLock Lockbox Distribution

Once the Designated REALTOR® receives the boxes, they will be responsible for distributing them to their agents. They should also track these assignments for their office for future auditing purposes.

Additional Steps Required

Any GMAR member who will be converting to the GMAR MLS will need to create an account with SentriLock to access the SentriKey App, which will provide access to the electronic lockboxes. To do this, an Authorization email with temporary credentials will need to be accessed and a new SentriKey account will need to be created. **Please note that even if you do not use the SentriLock electronic lockboxes for your listings, you will still receive this email with SentriKey App authorization so that you can use the App to access other listings with SentriLock lockboxes as applicable.


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