Continuing Education Requirements

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The state of Michigan requires real estate licensees to earn at least 18 hours of continuing education (CE) credits every 3 years to renew their real estate license. The topic number and course name must differ from the other courses a licensee has taken within the 3-year period. Each year a licensee must complete at least 2 hours of education that involves the law, rules, and court cases regarding real estate. This is part of your 18 total credits for the 3 years. Any extra legal hours earned will count towards the total requirement. 

If a licensee fails to complete 2 hours of legal credit in a year, they may try to make it up in proceeding years. If the licensee is audited, this does not guarantee the licensee will not be penalized. To check your CE Credits, visit and log into the CE Marketplace. If you do not yet have an account, please create one by visiting CE Marketplace. 

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Important Reminder About Credit Reporting

After an instructor or school administrator has reported your class attendance, you will receive a class completion certificate by email. Watch for this email to arrive! It confirms that your class attendance has been successfully reported and recorded in your CE Marketplace account.

Please note that your class attendance will be reported to CE Marketplace within ten days. If you do not receive the confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact the school administrator or instructor.

Further, you do not need to send proof of CE to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) unless you are being audited and asked to submit the information.  

For answers to any questions about CE hours or tracking credits and class completion, visit or contact via email at You can also call during normal business hours at 844.642.6633.

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  • Continuing Education Requirements



    To remain compliant and meet the continuing education requirements for renewal, licensees need at least 18 total credit hours every three years. Within these 18 hours, two hours of legal credit must be taken in each year you are licensed. The additional 12 credits to reach a total of 18 prior to renewal may be credits of any type (legal or elective) and may be taken at any time during the three-year period.


    To find your license expiration date(s), click here to use the Accela lookup tool provided by LARA.

    The month and date of your license expiration is your new deadline each year to complete your 2 hours of legal credit.

    In the example below, the licensee has been assigned a new license expiration date of 5/24/2025 after their renewal for 11/1/2021.

    CE Requirements Image
    To identify your continuing education period, count back three years from your individual expiration date.

    For the example above, the education period would be as follows:

    5/24/2022 – 5/24/2023
    First year of education period and license cycle: At least 2 hours of legal credit are due by 5/24/2023.

    5/25/2023 – 5/24/2024
    Second year of education period and license cycle: At least 2 hours of legal credit are due by 5/24/2024.

    5/25/2024 – 5/24/2025 (or the day you renew your license, whichever comes first)
    Third year of education period and license cycle: At least 2 hours of legal credit are due by 5/24/2025.

    12 additional credits of any type (legal or elective) by 5/24/2025 or date of renewal to reach a total of at least 18 credit hours prior to license renewal every three years.

  • Broker License Requirements

    For your Broker's License you need to complete 90 hours of approved prelicensure education courses which includes 9 hours of civil rights law and equal opportunity in housing- once you are ready to obtain a broker license, you will need to complete approved coursework required within 36 months of application, unless licensed continuously and pass an exam administered by PSI Services, LLC.

    • Possession of a law degree is considered equivalent to 60 clock hours of real estate education with 6 hours in civil rights and fair housing law.
    • Possession of a master’s degree in business administration or finance is considered equivalent to 60 clock hours of real estate education.
    • Possession of a bachelor’s degree in business or finance is considered equivalent to 30 clock hours of real estate education.

    If you have already completed your requirements and are looking to test, please visit to schedule your exam.