Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® Installs 2022 Leadership
GMAR Teri Spiro
GMAR Teri Spiro

SOUTHFIELD (November 19, 2021) – Teri Spiro was installed as 2022 president of the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® during GMAR's 2021 Annual Membership Meeting. 

Teri Spiro was GMAR's 2021 President-Elect and 2020 Treasurer. She's an RPAC Hall of Famer 3 times over and highly respected in the industry. Teri has years of experience and adheres to a collaborative approach to leadership. Steering our Association into the following year, 2022 President Teri Spiro will keep us between the navigational beacons! 

In an association, no other ceremony is as important as that of installing the elected leaders. For those installed, it is a visible demonstration of their commitment and dedication to the organization. Leadership is not a reward; it is a responsibility. These leaders give their time and talent to serve the members who entrust them with this responsibility.

2022 Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® Officers

  • President: Teri Spiro
  • President-Elect: Nathan Boji
  • Treasurer: Dee Dee Ohara Blizard
  • Past President: Katie Weaver 


2022 Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® Directors

  • District 1:  Rob Shaffer
  • District 2:  Jaye Sanders
  • District 5:  Pam Bartling
  • District 7:  Toni Jennings
  • District 8:  Kevin Hultgren
  • District 9:  Chelsea Cain
  • At Large:  Dennis Kozak 
  • At Large:  Melissa Degen 
  • At Large:  Devon Smith 
  • Affiliate: Peter Chirco