Michigan Realtors® & GMAR Assist Oakland and Macomb County Residents
Realtors Relief Foundation
Realtors Relief Foundation

The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR), together with the North Oakland County Board of Realtors®, with assistance from the Michigan Realtors® and the National Association of REALTORS®, is happy to announce a program that provides relief assistance for qualified applicants of Oakland and Macomb County in response to the heavy rainfall, winds, and tornadoes that resulted in widespread property damage on July 24 – 25, 2021. 

During that weekend of July 24 and 25, an intense series of storms struck the Southwest area of Oakland County and traveled through Southern Macomb County. As a result, Michigan Realtors®, The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors®, and The North Oakland County Board of Realtors® have activated the REALTORS® Relief Foundation to provide financial relief to those impacted by the storms. 

In response to the unforeseen burdens these residents are forced to face, the Realtor® Relief Foundation has $100,000 available for individuals and families of those directly affected by the July 24-25th thunderstorms and within the State of Emergency Zone declared by Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Financial assistance will be provided to cover one month’s rent or mortgage payment for qualified applicants in an amount of up to $1,000 per household until the available funds are fully allocated.

Michigan Realtors®, President E’toile Libbett, expresses sympathy for those who involuntarily face enormous challenges brought on by these devastating thunderstorms.

“Those who reside in these communities have had their lives dramatically changed by this crisis. We wanted to help take some of the worries of the victims’ shoulders, and we are proud to be able to provide assistance toward their monthly housing payment.” 

GMAR President, Katie Weaver, remarks on the damage done during these storms, “Realtors® care about our communities! These are our clients, friends, and families.” She stated, “Losing your home is devastating; we are thankful to be able to offer some relief to those impacted by the storms. Many thanks to those Realtors® that contributed to the Realtor® Relief Fund; without you, this help would not be possible!

If you have been directly affected by the Oakland and Macomb County storms over the weekend of July 24 and 25 and are located within the boundaries of the State of Emergency Zone, please find the REALTORS® Relief Foundation Application under Consumer Resources in our resource library. The deadline to apply is October 8, 2021.

Applications can be submitted by email to GMAR at RRF@GMARonline.com. Application requirements are below. 

Questions can be directed to Grant Meade, GMAR’s Director of Realtor® and Community Affairs at RRF@GMARonline.com or by calling (248) 478-1700.

Each applicant will need to provide: 

  1. Photo Identification that proves your place of residence.
  2. Copy of Mortgage Statement or Renters Statement.

One of the following will be required to show proof of damage:

  1. Photos of Damage.
  2. Insurance Estimates.
  3. Copies of Written Claims, Settlement Proceeds, or Claim Status Reports.
  4. Copies of Repair Estimates from Contractors.

Important Qualifications to Note:

  • Applications require a wet signature and not simply an e-signature. Applicants need to print, sign, and email the application with supporting documents noted above.
  • The name on the application and the mortgage statement MUST MATCH
  • Second homes are not eligible under the program guidelines 
  • Homeowners who are displaced as a result of the storms with a new rental agreement (while their primary home is under repair) are eligible
  • Extended Stay Hotels are not eligible 

The Michigan Realtor® Relief Fund is an organization established to provide housing-related assistance to victims of disasters. Michigan Realtors® has actively supported communities in times of need, including the Mid-Michigan Dam Breaches (2020), the Houghton County Floods (2018), victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017), Flint Water Crisis (2014-2016).

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