Redistricting Bylaw Change - Membership Only Voting June 21-28
GMAR Redistricting Bylaw Change Vote
GMAR Redistricting Bylaw Change Vote

*GMAR Members Only*

Recently, information was shared by GMAR regarding amending Article XI of the Bylaws. This information is located in our resource library under the 'Bylaws & Policies' section or you can locate this document by visiting here.

The recommendation includes adjusting our current boundaries to equalize the representation better, encompassing our current and future membership, and adjusting the current Director representation to reflect these changes. The number of Directors would not alter; however, the Bylaw change, if approved, would increase the number of District Directors from eight (8) to nine (9) and would decrease the At Large Directors from four (4) to three (3), while maintaining the Affiliate Director position.

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Please cast your electronic vote no later than Monday, June 28th at 5:00 p.m. Voting takes less than one minute and can be done electronically using any device by visiting this link.