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Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®

RPAC Impact




How RPAC Works For You

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is the best way a REALTOR® can protect his or her business. RPAC is the only grassroots and issues mobilizing force that exists to protect and promote the tradition of home ownership and real estate investment in Michigan.

What is RPAC?

By contributing to RPAC, you are able to support REALTOR®-friendly legislators who believe in our industry and believe in protecting private property rights, preserving the American dream of home ownership, fighting for tax reforms and reducing burdensome regulations on our business.

By becoming part of RPAC, you'll not only have the power to make a change in the way you do business, but you'll also become part of a statewide network – more than 23,000 members strong – sharing in the success on issues and concerns important to you!

Leading the Charge to Protect Your Industry

Your REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) raises funds voluntarily from members of the Michigan Association of REALTORS®. RPAC recognition programs are designed to recognize key contributors for their leadership.

Get Involved

With RPAC, REALTORS® from across the state have the chance to come together and become active in our nation's most powerful and effective lobbying machine. Call your local association to see when the next legislative meeting will take place. It's a great way to meet fellow REALTOR® members and get involved at a new level. The best part is that once you are involved, the benefits are tremendous and they last forever.

RPAC Helps Your Business Succeed

RPAC is the real estate industry's insurance to promote and protect the real estate profession for all MAR members. With term limits it's more important than ever to contribute.


RPAC Impact