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Continuing Education

The state of Michigan requires real estate licensees to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain their real estate license. From the Department of Labor & Economic Growth:

For the 3-year license cycle each licensee needs to complete 18 hours of continuing education. As long as the topic number and course name is different from the other courses that you have taken and you have a total of at least 18 hours of continued education from approved real estate courses, your license will be renewed. Remember that you need at least 2 hours of an education course per calendar year that involves law, rules and court cases regarding real estate.

To help real estate licensees fulfill the state's mandatory requirements, GMAR offers a number of courses that provide important continuing education credit hours. Some of those courses are listed on this page. Still others can be found by searching for classes available through GMAR.

Effective January 1, 2015

New legislation (Public Act 106 of 2014) takes effect that has a direct impact on you and your real estate license.

Below you will find some of the highlighted changes and requirements.

The overall requirements do not change: Within each 3-year cycle, licensees must still complete at least 18 hours of continuing education courses that involve any subjects that are relevant to the management, operation and practice of real estate or any other subject that contributes to the professional competence of a licensee. Licensees must complete at least 2 hours of the required 18 hours each year, involving law, rules and court cases regarding real estate.

NEW! Licensees must present their pocket card AND driver's license for admittance into any course.

NEW! Any course that you successfully complete to obtain a professional designation is counted toward the total credits required.

NEW! Course providers are no longer required to submit the student information to the LARA for verification of attendance, instead, it is now the responsibility of licensees to retain evidence of their completion for at least 4 years afterwards, and be able to produce this information at the request of LARA.

This also means that schools and course providers cannot track how many hours have been completed. This responsibility will lie solely on the licensees and their records. KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATES SOMEWHERE ACCESSIBLE AND SAFE!

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Continuing Education