Technology Committee Genius Bar Q&A 0Round 1
GMAR Tech Hotline
GMAR Tech Hotline

The GMAR Technology Committee works to improve Association technology for the benefit of the membership. As an extra perk, they've taken on the task of answering the pressing technology questions from GMAR Members. 

Taken from the first round of submissions, below are questions from GMAR members and answers provided by GMAR's Technology Committee. 

Question: What are some great mobile apps for creating virtual tours based on either video or pictures (like a slideshow?)

  • Answer: If you are an iPhone user, take video with your phone and use iMovie. There are some great youtube videos on how to easily use iMovie.

Question: What's the difference between the CloudCMA and Realcomp CMA tools? Which is better?

  • Answer: It really depends on if you want a flashy CMA to impress your clients or if you want an easy CMA. There are “how-to” videos on Realcomp for their CMA, and if you go to CloudCMA, there are “how-to” videos there as well.

Question: I would like to integrate my yahoo email Inbox so that emails are forwarded to Office 365 Outlook, cannot get it to work.

  • Answer: According to Yahoo! Mail help, they discontinued the ability to forward their free email accounts to another external account in January of this year. You can upgrade to Yahoo Mail Pro for $5/mo or buy their Access + Forwarding service for $12/yr to get access to this feature. Read the article HERE
  • Another alternative that may work for you if you are using Microsoft Outlook on your PC and Phone as your mail client is simply adding the Yahoo email as a second account. This won’t combine the email into a single inbox, but you will have access to read/send from both accounts from the same app. See the article at 

Question: How do we access the Homebeat app?

  • Answer: Accessing Homebeat can be done by clicking the Cloud CMA button on the Realcomp dashboard.  Once you are in Cloud CMA, click the Homebeat button on the top navigation bar.