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What is Realsatisfied?
Realsatisfied is a third-party customer satisfaction surveying platform, specific to the real estate profession.

Benefits Include:
  • RealSatisfied is a closed survey system, meaning only someone who has completed a transaction with you can rate and review you.
  • The platform integrates seamlessly with GMAR to track when your sales close and automatically notifies you when a survey is ready to be sent.
  • Solicit better quality testimonials from more clients
  • Through the Agent Dashboard you can share your recommendations to, Facebook, Twitter and/or your website
  • Help agents identify opportunities to improve customer service and business processes through detailed survey feedback
  • Gives users the ability to listen to customers in new ways through interactive surveys.
How's this member benefit work?
GMAR members receive Agent Lite accounts that are integrated with Realcomp MLS after the Broker signs the authorization form below. These accounts allow for up to 3 testimonials.
What happens after an agent uses all three of the testimonials?
After an agent receives their first three testimonials, they may continue to send and receive as many surveys as they wish. Not all clients will leave testimonials and the details contained in the surveys will always be available to you. When the fourth testimonial arrives, the agent will be prompted to upgrade to the Agent Pro account to see it and make it public. Even if they choose not to do it at that time, they may still continue to send surveys and receive the feedback. Those survey responses will continue to populate on their page, if they have "detailed ratings" enabled.
Is there a cost involved to the agent or broker after the three testimonials are used up?
The retail price for an Agent Pro account is $99 per year, but through GMAR the cost is $79 per year. Decision to purchase is made by the individual agent. There is no Broker fee.
How does the automation of surveys work?
GMAR has integrated with RealSatisfied via a RETS agreement that will trigger the creation of a survey invitation at the close of a transaction. When that occurs, the agent will receive an email from RealSatisfied letting them know that they have a survey invitation waiting on customer details. It is always up to you whether you choose to send a survey or not send a survey. The automation is a gentle reminder to gather detailed information about your performance from your clients.
Why does the broker need to sign the authorization form?
Realcomp requires it to release listing data to Realsatisfied. Click here to view Realsatisfied's privacy policy.
I've signed up, now what happens?
After the broker has submitted the authorization form, all communications will originate from RealSatisfied. They will send your agents reminders to send surveys at the close of transactions and they can choose to provide them or not. They will then notify your agents when survey responses come in and when they need to take any action on those survey invitations. Of course, agents can individually opt-out of utilizing this benefit.



Please fill out the below form and click submit to allow your agents to take advantage of this member benefit!